What They’re Saying About John

“As a fellow businessman, John knows how to manage a budget, work with department leaders and work as a team to solve problems. John will work with all county officials and bring a common sense approach to the courthouse. John L. Durrenberger is well-known for integrity, collaboration and leadership. That is why I am supporting John L. Durrenberger for Washington County Judge,” Jon Hill, Apple Ford – Brenham

“John will be a leader who will listen,” stated Washington County resident and financial consultant Bob Davis. “I have never seen John disrespect anyone even when he has to say no.  I am confident everyone will receive fair treatment from John L. Durrenberger as their County Judge.”

“John L. Durrenberger was a mentor to me since 2007 when I started at Mike Hopkins Distributing. He taught me the importance of getting the job done. As a manager, John always had an open door policy and ran a tight ship. I always felt part of the team thanks to John’s managing skills. Most importantly, John made sure I knew family was a priority and I was blessed to be able to enjoy special events or take care of family without feeling pressure, as long as I got the job done, just as John had guided me. To this day, I have been able to pass on some of the advice John instilled in me with the younger staff.”  David Robinson, Mike Hopkins Distributing Sales Representative and U.S. Navy

John Barnhill, former Blue Bell executive said, “I am honored to serve as Campaign Treasurer for the Durrenberger campaign because of my strong faith in John’s talents to guide Washington County through the future. We need fresh new leadership that is flexible, fosters unity in the community, and is transparent and collaborative.  This is what we can expect of John Durrenberger.”