Meet John

“Leadership for the Future”

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about my campaign for Washington County Judge. I look forward to visiting with everyone over the coming weeks and learning about the issues that are important to you.

As I run for Washington County Judge, let me share with you why I am running for this position. Having just retired from a fast-paced career, I can now turn my attention to helping Washington County. Our county faces unavoidable growth and new challenges that could be troubling if not managed with skill and imagination. This was not an easy decision. My wife and I prayed over this decision and after much deliberation and outreach from many individuals throughout the county, I decided to pursue this opportunity. Our county is in need right now, and I am offering my communication skills and business experience to help.

As we prepare for the future, Washington County needs fresh new ideas. My proven creativity in business, finance, leadership and management will put us on the right path to face the future. Having purchased, created and developed businesses for over 20 years prior to my joining Mike Hopkins Distributing, I learned to understand what it takes to meet payroll, work as a team and listen to the concerns of employees, customers and the general public. I retired from a 30-year role with Mike Hopkins Distributing Company where I recently served as Vice-President & General Sales Manager managing a multi-million dollar sales operation and a team of employees. This business experience has prepared me to work with various department leaders and elected officials to work as a team to find solutions to problems. Most importantly, I am a good listener. I know that I cannot fulfill the needs and priorities of citizens unless I listen to them.

I will continue my common sense approach to everything that I encounter, which is to operate collaboratively and with an open mind. I will foster teamwork to solve the county’s challenges. I see a Washington County where short and long-term goals are set through a collaborative effort with elected officials, community leaders, civic and volunteer organizations. Then I envision the same entities working side-by-side to implement these goals in their specific neighborhoods or areas of responsibility.

By working together, we can all enjoy the quality of life ALL the residents of Washington County have come to enjoy.

When I decided to offer myself as County Judge, my first actions were to sit down face-to-face with numerous county leaders, first responders and law enforcement personnel and volunteers, Burton and Brenham city officials, and various community leaders throughout the county. I continue those visits daily as I prepare for this position.

I share my intentions with them, ask questions, and learn all I can. As I continue this process, I’m gathering much knowledge about our county’s challenges and getting great ideas for solving them.

I have spent time researching, learning from past county decisions and studying the county’s budget. I also have a dedicated campaign team who helps me with research and makes recommendations based on their findings.

I pledge to devote myself to the full-time obligation that is the office of Washington County Judge and would greatly appreciate your vote for Washington County Judge during the upcoming March 6 Republican Primary. Thank you and feel free to contact my campaign if I can answer questions or if you would like to visit in person.


John Durrenberger